Medium bettavape box - SMOK Stick V8

Recommended for people who smoke 20-30 cigarettes per day
Check out our beginner's guide if you're new to vaping
SMOK Stick V8
SMOK Stick V8 Kit
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Outerworld E-juice
Pollux by Outerworld E liquid (0mg) - Freshly baked apple pie with vanilla bean icecream
Naked 100 e-juice
Amazing Mango by Naked 100 (60mL/0mg e liquid) - Mango, Peaches & Heavy Cream
Naked 100
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Cosmic fog e-juice
Lost Fog Baie Creme (60mL/0mg e liquid) - Passionfruit, Acai berries, Honey cream
Cosmic Fog
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Motley Brew e-liquid - Old Fashioned (30 ml)
Old Fashioned e liquid (30 ml/0mg) - Bourbon & Citrus
Motley Brew
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SMOK V8 Baby M2 coil (for Stick V8 kit) - 5 pack
SMOK V8 Baby M2 coil (for Stick V8 kit) - 5 pack
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Spider Sauce e-liquid by Nimbus Vapour
Spider Sauce e liquid (0mg) by Nimbus Vapour
Nimbus Vapour