Nicotine safety, handling and storage tips

Nicotine is a poisonous substance when at a high enough concentration level so must be handled with care. The accidental ingestion, inhalation or even absorption through the skin can cause poisoning and even death in extreme cases. If you experience any of the symptoms of nicotine poisoning (including fatigue, dizziness, fast and/or irregular heartbeat, upset stomach or pain) then go to the hospital. To avoid this, you should follow the proper safety and handling procedures below when handling your e-liquids and especially when handling nicotine base liquids. 

Nicotine safety and handling

Wear gloves and handle near a sink

Disposable gloves Always wear gloves when handling nicotine because it can be absorbed through the skin. If nicotine does makes contact with your skin, wash it immediately under running water. 

Check the bottle for damage or leaks

Check to make sure that the nicotine bottles aren’t damaged or leaking. If it is leaking, while wearing gloves, transfer nicotine to a safe specified and marked container.

Use the right equipment and proper containers

Don’t use everyday household items or kitchen utensils for mixing nicotine. Best to buy a DIY e-liquid mixing kit which will usually come with a disposable plastic syringe and bottles or appropriate containers for measuring, transfering and mixing the nicotine. Keep one kit dedicated to handling nicotine to prevent cross contamination with other kits. 

Mix in a safe quiet room on stable hard surfaces

Make sure to mix your nicotine on flat, stable and hard surfaces to improve the accuracy of your mixing. Have some paper towels handy and ensure you are near a sink in case of a spill. 

Nicotine Storage


Keep it away from children and pets. Nicotine is a dangerous, toxic substance when accidentally ingested so must be kept out of reach of children and pets.

Storage tips to preserve your nicotine for longer

Nicotine will naturally degrade and change colour over time, mainly due to oxidation and exposure to UV light and heat. To prolong the life of your nicotine, it's best to store in a dark and cool cupboard away from sunlight and heat. You can also further prolong it by keeping it in the fridge or freezer, though please take care to keep out of reach from children and clearly mark the bottle as toxic/poison. Remember to also give it some time to thaw after taking it out of the freezer.


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