3 simple steps to start vaping

OK so you've done some research into what vaping is and you've decided to give it a try, firstly congratulations on deciding to make a change.

We know that getting started is hard and it's easy to get overwhelmed by the thousands of combinations of vape equipment, accessories, flavours, e-liquid ingredients and vaping styles available. Here at bettavape, we are committed to making this process easier by narrowing these choices to the ones that best match your requirements. 

There are essentially 3 things that you need to do to get started:

1) Choose the right starter kit

There are a few different styles of vape kits available from cig-a-likes to vape pens to mods. We do not recommend cig-a-likes because their battery life is generally short and they are just not as efficient as the newer devices on the market. Mods are typically for more advanced vapers who want to vary the power or control the temperature of their vape. So vape pens are an ideal place to start for a beginner. Watch our guide on choosing the right starter kit

Here are some factors to consider when choosing a vape pen

Budget - Many vape pens are cost effective with price ranges of $20-$50

Battery life - Depending on how much you intend to vape you will be able to find a kit to last you the whole day with battery ranges typically between 1000mWh to 2300mWh.

Ease of use - Most vape pens come with a one button function, but you also want to consider how easy it is to refill the tank, replace the coils and keep the unit clean.

Airflow - Most new vapers will want to start with a "mouth to lung" style of draw which is the same style as cigarettes. Some vape pens have an adjustable airflow but you will want to find one that has a tight draw.

At bettavape, we have taken these factors plus others into consideration and have selected what we believe are the best vape starter kits on the market for beginners. Try our free matching service to find the vape device that is right for you

2) Choose some e-liquid

Choosing e-liquid really comes down to personal choice so the important thing is to start somewhere and then experiment with different brands, flavours, strengths and PG/VG mixes.

Flavours - Many new vapers will want to start with a tobacco flavour, but you should be warned that you probably won't find a tobacco flavour to match that of cigarettes because there is no combustion. There are thousands of other flavours available, so don't be afraid of trying some of these. You should however be aware that there are some chemicals commonly found in flavourings such as Diacetyl and we advise that you should try to avoid these where possible. We stock a large range of e-liquids that are Diacetyl free, you can view our e-liquids here 

PG/VG ratioPropylene Glycol (or PG) carries the flavour very well and gives more of a “throat hit” sensation. Vegetable Glycerine (or VG) is thicker than PG, gives less "throat hit", but produces more vapour.

Probably best to start with a 50/50 PG/VG ratio and then try a higher VG ratio to see which you prefer.

Nicotine - In Australia, it is illegal to sell or supply nicotine in e-liquids, however you are allowed to legally import nicotine from overseas and add it to your e-liquids, see our info on nicotine for more detail.

To find out the correct strength of nicotine to vape, try our free matching service

3) Maintain your vape equipment

So you've bought a starter kit and some e-liquid and you've added your nicotine and had your first vape. Now there are a few things you need to do to maintain your electronic device.

Replace the coils regularly - Coils will generally last 1-2 weeks depending on how much you vape. You will need to replace the coils when the vapour production has reduced or you get a dry hit/puff. Make sure to buy replacement coils and don't forget to prime the coils before use (i.e. make sure the e-liquid has soaked into the cotton of the coils)

Charge safely - Most vape pens have an in-built charger with a micro-USB charger. Make sure to only use the charger supplied by the manufacturer and follow the charging instructions specific to the manufacturer. Also best to ensure your device is out of reach from children while charging. 

Store your e-liquids and nicotine safely - Nicotine in high concentrations can be a poisonous substance. It's important to follow the proper safety, handling and storage procedures.

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